Summer soup

We’re at peak summer with the beginning of August already behind us. On days like these, it’s far too humid and turning on the stove is furthest thing from your mind. This calls for something light but tasty enough to keep sustain beach-side frisbee-ing and strolling.   There’s gazpacho – Andalusian, vichyssoise – French, borscht…… Continue reading Summer soup


A post about beans – not the sexiest thing ever, but it’s time the legumes got their chance in the spotlight. Beans have been a source of protein for many cultures throughout history. They’ve been noted in the Iliad, cultivated by Mesoamericans and, as with the squash plant, were one of the “Three Sister’s” in…… Continue reading Beans

My first through-and-through original

Home alone one evening, and somewhere in the middle of not-hungry and need-energy-to-sustain-myself-till-the-morning, I found my first recorded original soup recipe. I’ve “made” several mish-mashes on my own, for sure. Several goat cheese pizzas come to mind, as does a whole year in Food Technology at GCSE (though I’d like to forget some of the…… Continue reading My first through-and-through original